Google Launches October 2023 Core Update

Google Launches October 2023 Core Update On October 5, 2023, Google rolled out a significant core update aimed at introducing sweeping alterations to its search algorithms and infrastructure. This update is geared towards enhancing the dependability and accuracy of search outcomes. The update can take up to two weeks to complete. In this article, we will discuss in-depth about Google’s October 2023 Core Update.

Google has unveiled its October 2023 Core Update, with an estimated two-week rollout period ahead. This core algorithm revision brings substantial modifications to Google’s search algorithms and ranking mechanisms, aligning with its commitment to furnish useful and dependable search results.

This marks the third extensive core algorithm update for Google Search in 2023. The inaugural update for the year was introduced in March 2023 and finalized within the same month. Subsequently, the second core update was launched in August 2023 and concluded in early September 2023. You can refer to a comprehensive historical record of Google algorithm updates here.

Announcement Google Launches October 2023 Core Update

The revelation of the Google October 2023 Core Update was made public on X(Twitter)  Google update October 2023

And it coincided with the unveiling of the Google Search Status Dashboard on October 5, 2023.

Google Search Status Dashboard

Characteristics of Google October 2023 Core Update

On October 5, 2023, Google rolled out a core algorithm update. Although Google published limited information on it we can characterize our research.

  1. This is a core algorithm update.
  2. It will influence ranking factors.
  3. It will take two weeks to complete.

The Google October 2023 Core Update is currently underway, running in tandem with the October 2023 Spam Update, which was officially introduced on October 4, 2023, as detailed in this report: “Google Releases October 2023 Spam Update.” While the Spam Update enhances the spam detection system’s scope across numerous languages and spam categories, the Core Update is dedicated to refining Google’s algorithms and systems in their evaluation of content on a broader scale.

Regarding the simultaneous release of Google algorithm updates, Google Search Liaison provided insights on the matter during a comment made on X.

“Normally, we do try to keep updates like these apart, but it’s not always possible. But for anyone trying to understand changes, it’s pretty straight-forward. If you don’t spam, and see changes, then it might be the core update. If you do spam and see changes, it’s probably the spam update. In particular: We released a spam update yesterday. Sites that don’t spam shouldn’t see changes because of this. Learn more about spam updates here.

“Today we released a core update. That’s different from a spam update. It’s a general improvement in how we rank. Many sites will see no changes because of this, and it has nothing to do with spam. This explains more about core updates.”

As Google states in its Search Central documentation on Core Updates: “There’s nothing wrong with pages that may not be performing as well as they were before a core update. They haven’t violated our spam policies, nor been subjected to a manual or algorithmic action, as can happen to pages that do violate those policies. In fact, there’s nothing in a core update that targets specific pages or sites. Instead, the changes are about improving how our systems assess content overall. These changes may cause some pages that were previously under-rewarded to do better in search results.”
Should the October 2023 Core Update have an adverse effect on your website, Google provides a set of inquiries to assist in self-assessing your content during a site audit. Measuring your content against these questions can aid in determining its utility and reliability for search queries, its ability to deliver an exceptional user experience, and its capacity to exhibit expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) – all pivotal factors considered by Google’s search algorithms and ranking systems when ranking search results.

All Google Updates 2023

Google Launches Too Many Updates 2023. All updates are as follows:


1. February 2023 product reviews update(Feb. 21)

  • In the past, it only worked with English, but now it supports 10 more languages.
  • Rollout completed: March 7 (14 days).
  • More volatile than previous product review updates.
  • This was the final product review update.

2. March 2023 core update(March 15) 

  • Google provided no new guidance.
  • Rollout completed: March 28 (13 days).
  • Volatility was equal to, or greater than, prior core updates.

3. April 2023 reviews update (April 12)

  • Google’s “product reviews system” was changed to “reviews system.”
  • Google altered the language of its guidance on product reviews to apply to all types of reviews (e.g., services, businesses, destinations, media).
  • Rollout completed: April 25 (13 days)
  • More volatile than the prior product review updates.

4. Topic authority system (May 23)

  • This system aims to help surface relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and Google News.
  • The system looks at several signals to understand the expertise of a publication on a specific topic or location.
  • Google said they have been using this system for “several years,” but this was the first time discussing it.

5. August 2023 core update (Aug. 22)

  • Google provided no new guidance.
  • Rollout completed Sept. 7 (16 days)
  • The update, while big, felt muted compared to previous updates.

6. September 2023 helpful content system update (Sept. 14)

  • Google said this update featured an “improved classifier.”
  • Revisions to Google’s search documentation – including hosted third-party content, changing content dates, and adding/removing content – offered clues about what changed.
  • Rollout is expected to take about two weeks.

7. Google October 2023 Core Update (October 5)

  • This is a core algorithm update.
  • It will influence ranking factors.
  • It will take two weeks to complete.

Why Google Core Update is necessary?

Google Core Updates are necessary to ensure that the search engine continues to provide high-quality and relevant search results to its users. Here’s why they are essential:

  1. User Satisfaction: Google’s primary goal is to deliver the best possible search experience to its users. Core Updates help improve the search algorithm to better understand user intent and deliver more accurate and valuable search results.
  2. Evolving Search Landscape: The internet is constantly changing, with new content and websites being created daily. Core Updates help Google adapt to these changes and ensure that it remains effective at ranking and displaying the most relevant and up-to-date information.
  3. Quality Control: Core Updates help Google identify and address issues related to spammy or low-quality content. By constantly refining its algorithm, Google can penalize websites that engage in manipulative tactics and reward those that offer valuable, trustworthy information.
  4. Algorithm Transparency: Google aims to be transparent about how its search algorithm works. By regularly announcing and implementing Core Updates, Google provides website owners and SEO professionals with insights into the factors that impact search rankings, encouraging best practices and improving website quality.
  5. Fair Competition: Core Updates help level the playing field for websites, ensuring that smaller, high-quality sites have a chance to rank alongside larger, established ones. This promotes fair competition and encourages website owners to focus on delivering valuable content.

In summary, Google Core Updates are necessary to maintain the effectiveness, relevance, and trustworthiness of the search engine. They help Google adapt to a changing internet landscape, improve user satisfaction, and promote fair competition among websites.

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