3 Best free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion

3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion. In this insightful guide, we take you on a journey through the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, revealing essential tools that won’t drain your budget. Prepare to revolutionize your outreach, engage your audience, and amplify your brand’s impact. Let’s delve into the world of cost-effective solutions that are set to reshape the way you approach email marketing.

What is Email Marketing Tool?

An email marketing tool is a digital platform that assists businesses in creating, managing, and optimizing email campaigns. It offers features like template design, list management, automation, personalization, analytics, and compliance. By streamlining the email marketing process, these tools help engage subscribers, drive conversions, and enhance overall marketing efforts. You can easily create and send a Newsletter,  funny sign offs, and business and personal emails to your subscribers

Features of Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools come equipped with a myriad of features designed to enhance your email campaigns and drive better results. Some of the key features you can expect from email marketing tools include:

  1. Email Campaign Creation: Create visually appealing and engaging email campaigns using templates, drag-and-drop editors, and customizable design elements.
  2. List Management: Manage your subscriber lists, segment them based on various criteria, and maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information.
  3. Automation: Set up automated email sequences triggered by specific actions or events, such as welcome emails, follow-ups, and abandoned cart reminders.
  4. Personalization: Customize email content based on recipient data, such as their name, location, or previous interactions, to create personalized and relevant messages.
  5. A/B Testing: Test different elements of your emails, such as subject lines, sender names, and content, to optimize open and click-through rates.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into the performance of your email campaigns, including metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.
  7. Segmentation: Divide your audience into distinct segments based on demographics, behavior, preferences, and engagement level, allowing you to target specific groups with tailored content.
  8. Responsive Design: Ensure that your emails are optimized for various devices and screen sizes, enhancing the user experience for mobile and desktop users alike.
  9. Integration: Integrate with other marketing platforms, CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and third-party applications to streamline data sharing and enhance your overall marketing efforts.
  10. Compliance and Deliverability: Adhere to email marketing regulations, manage unsubscribes, handle bounces, and maintain sender reputation to improve deliverability and ensure compliance.
  11. Opt-In and Signup Forms: Create customizable signup forms and landing pages to capture leads and grow your subscriber base.
  12. Drip Campaigns: Develop drip email campaigns that send a series of scheduled emails over time to nurture leads and guide them through the customer journey.
  13. Dynamic Content: Insert dynamic content blocks that change based on recipient data, ensuring that each subscriber receives content tailored to their preferences.
  14. Social Sharing: Include social sharing buttons to encourage recipients to share your emails on their social media platforms.
  15. Unsubscribe Management: Provide easy options for subscribers to opt out of your emails while maintaining compliance with unsubscribe regulations.

These features collectively empower you to create targeted, personalized, and effective email marketing campaigns that engage your audience, drive conversions, and contribute to the overall success of your marketing strategy.

What is Looking Lion?

Lookinglion is an Email marketing automation service provider. They provide a wide range of tools for email marketing.

They formed as a United States-centered media outlet, Looking Lion stands as a guiding light for enterprises aiming to amplify their presence through strategic marketing funnels and streamlined sales automation.

The surge towards automated, data-centric lead generation has sparked a shift among B2B marketers. This transition necessitates expert assistance in crafting personalized marketing funnels.

Embracing this need, Looking Lion steps forward as your mentor. Aspiring to equip you with the skills, the platform lays out a roadmap to construct your own marketing funnels. Keep an eye out for our upcoming engagements on Twitter and Facebook, where Looking Lion will generously share profound insights into the realm of business development.

3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion

Among the variety of services, we will discuss the best 3 services provided by Lookinglion as an email marketing tool.

Kartra Marketing Platform

Kartra emerges as a dynamic marketing powerhouse, engineered to propel businesses towards streamlined operations, heightened lead generation, and boosted sales. This robust platform presents an extensive arsenal of tools, encompassing an email marketing wizard, a masterful landing page architect, an intuitive shopping cart, and a finely-tuned CRM system.


email marketing service
Credit: looking lion


Kartra doesn’t halt at its intrinsic capabilities; it opens avenues for seamless integration with renowned software applications, facilitating a harmonious connection between your existing systems and this innovative platform. Notably, Kartra distinguishes itself with its unwavering commitment to user growth, offering an all-encompassing training framework and steadfast support, ensuring users extract the utmost value from their Kartra experience.

Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive marketing solution or a sophisticated means to automate your marketing endeavors, Kartra.com emerges as a compelling contender, poised to revolutionize your business trajectory.


ClickFunnels stands as a virtual architect of success, empowering enterprises to seamlessly navigate the online realm to market, vend, and dispense their offerings. This avant-garde platform equips businesses with an all-encompassing toolkit, cultivating an environment conducive to the creation of stellar sales funnels.

From pre-designed templates that resonate with your brand’s essence to meticulously-crafted landing pages and user-friendly order forms, ClickFunnels presents an orchestration of elements that effortlessly culminate in an effective sales funnel. Noteworthy is the platform’s innate simplicity, rendering it accessible to all, irrespective of coding or design acumen.

ClickFunnels surges beyond mere functionality, harmonizing seamlessly with leading payment processors and integrating effortlessly with various websites and shopping carts. Its resounding popularity is no happenstance; with an impressive track record of elevating the online sales performance of over 50,000 businesses, ClickFunnels reigns as the unrivaled maestro in the art of crafting success-driven sales funnels.


Introducing Systeme.io, a comprehensive platform engineered to expedite the launch of your online business, effortlessly and efficiently. This all-encompassing solution extends far beyond the conventional, enabling you to erect a polished website and establish an e-commerce emporium with unparalleled ease.


Lookinglion best service
Credit: Lookinglion.org


Dive into the realm of swift realization, as Systeme.io equips you with user-friendly tools that propel your online aspirations into immediate action. The complexities of hiring external web designers or developers fade into oblivion, as Systeme.io’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface empowers you to achieve your vision in-house.

Unveil the seamless fusion of ingenuity and convenience, bolstered by their round-the-clock support crew, ready to offer guidance whenever needed. Today, there’s no better time to embark on this transformative journey – explore Systeme.io and witness the imminent metamorphosis of your concept into a thriving online enterprise.

3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

In this age of marketing tons of E-Mail marketing Toos are available on the internet. It is difficult to find the best 3 among them, But we emphasize service, customer preferences, and cost or pricing. We discuss here only free Tools and provide the best service.


Mailchimp is one of the most popular and user-friendly email marketing tools available. Its free plan allows you to grow 500 subscribers. It offers a drag-and-drop email editor, customizable templates, and automation features like welcome emails and abandoned cart reminders. Mailchimp provides basic analytics to track open rates, click-through rates, and more. Its user-friendly interface and a variety of features make it a great choice for beginners and small businesses.


Here are the features of Mailchimp presented as bullet points:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Templates
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Signup Forms
  • Integration
  • Personalization
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media Integration
  • RSS-to-Email
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Support and Resources


ConvertKit is a famous email marketing tool in recent times. You can build 1000 Subscribers completely Free. Its free plan will provide you with premium features. This platform is suitable for creators who want to monetize their content.ConvertKit is primarily designed for creators, bloggers, and small businesses. It is known for its user-friendly interface and its focus on simplicity.


The primary features of ConvertKit are as follows:

  1. Subscriber Management: ConvertKit allows you to manage your subscribers easily by organizing them into segments, tags, and lists. This helps you send targeted and relevant content to specific groups.
  2. Email Automation: The platform provides simple yet powerful automation tools that allow you to create automated email sequences, such as welcome series, nurturing sequences, and sales funnels. But you need premium subscriptions to enable the email automation feature.
  3. Customizable Opt-In Forms: You can create attractive and customizable opt-in forms to capture email addresses from your website visitors. ConvertKit provides options for landing pages, embedded forms, and modal pop-ups.
  4. Responsive Email Templates: ConvertKit offers responsive and customizable email templates to design visually appealing emails that are optimized for different devices and screen sizes.
  5. Visual Automation Builder: ConvertKit’s visual automation builder lets you create workflows and sequences using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easier to design complex automation sequences without requiring advanced technical skills.
  6. Tagging and Segmentation: You can segment your subscribers based on their interests, behaviors, or other criteria using tags. This helps you send more personalized and relevant content to different segments of your audience.
  7. Broadcast Emails: Send one-time broadcast emails to your entire list or specific segments. ConvertKit allows you to schedule emails for specific times and dates.
  8. Integration Capabilities: ConvertKit integrates with various third-party tools and services, such as e-commerce platforms, landing page builders, WordPress, and more.
  9. Subscriber Opt-In Management: ConvertKit supports double opt-in and single opt-in processes, giving you control over how subscribers join your list.
  10. Analytics and Reporting: Track the performance of your email campaigns with basic analytics and reporting. You can see open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber engagement data.
  11. Drip Campaigns: Create automated drip campaigns that deliver a series of emails over time to nurture and engage your subscribers.
  12. Content Upgrades: ConvertKit allows you to deliver content upgrades and lead magnets automatically to subscribers who opt in through specific forms.
  13. Deliverability: ConvertKit focuses on delivering emails to subscribers’ inboxes. It provides tools and best practices to help improve email deliverability.

It’s important to note that software features can change over time, so I recommend visiting ConvertKit’s official website or contacting their support for the most current and accurate information about their features and offerings.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email offers a free plan with up to 3600 emails per month to up to 500 subscribers. It provides an intuitive email editor, responsive templates, and automation features like welcome emails and surveys. It will give you the power to generate Content with AI. In the year 2017, Benchmark Email garnered well-deserved recognition by securing a spot among the esteemed “20 B2B Technologies” by Forbes.

benchmark Email Marketing

Benchmark Email’s free plan also includes list management, A/B testing, and basic reporting. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust set of features, making it a solid choice for businesses seeking to optimize their email marketing efforts.

While these tools offer free plans, keep in mind that they may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts, such as branding in emails or advanced automation features. As your business grows, you might consider upgrading to a paid plan to unlock additional functionalities and cater to a larger audience.

Here are some of the features that were offered by Benchmark Email:

  1. Email Campaigns: Create and send customizable email campaigns using a variety of templates and drag-and-drop editing tools.
  2. Automation: Set up automated email sequences based on subscriber actions or triggers. This could include welcome series, abandoned cart reminders, and more.
  3. A/B Testing: Test different subject lines, content, or send times to optimize your email campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Segmentation: Divide your subscriber list into segments based on factors such as demographics, behavior, or engagement level. This allows you to send more targeted and relevant content.
  5. Signup Forms: Design and implement customizable signup forms and pop-ups to capture email addresses from your website visitors.
  6. Landing Pages: Create dedicated landing pages for specific campaigns or offers without needing separate website pages.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Track the performance of your email campaigns with metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Benchmark Email provides insights to help you understand subscriber behavior.
  8. Contact Management: Manage your subscriber list, import contacts, and handle unsubscribes and bounces.
  9. Integrations: Benchmark Email offers integrations with various third-party platforms and tools, including e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and social media.
  10. Templates and Editor: Customize email templates using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to match your branding and design preferences.
  11. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your emails look good on different devices and screen sizes.
  12. List Cleaning: Identify and remove invalid email addresses and duplicates from your list to maintain a clean and engaged subscriber base.
  13. Deliverability: Benchmark Email emphasizes email deliverability, working to ensure that your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes.
  14. Survey Tools: Create and send surveys to gather feedback and insights from your subscribers.
  15. RSS Email Campaigns: Automatically send emails with your latest blog posts or content updates using your website’s RSS feed.
  16. Generate Content with AI: You are able to generate content with AI even in a Free plan.

It’s important to note that software features can evolve over time, and new features may have been added since my last update. For the most up-to-date and accurate information about Benchmark Email’s features and offerings, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting their support directly.

How do I choose the Best Email Marketing tool?

Selecting the best email marketing tool for your needs requires careful consideration of various factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Define Your Goals: Determine your email marketing objectives. Are you focused on lead generation, customer retention, sales conversion, or brand awareness? Clarifying your goals will guide your tool selection.
  2. Ease of Use: Choose a platform with an intuitive user interface. Look for drag-and-drop editors, customizable templates, and a user-friendly dashboard, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.
  3. Features: Make a list of must-have features such as automation, segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, responsive templates, CRM integration, and more. Prioritize tools that offer the features essential for achieving your goals.
  4. Scalability: Consider your future needs. Select a tool that can accommodate your growing subscriber list and evolving email marketing strategies.
  5. Cost: Evaluate pricing plans, considering your budget and the value offered. Be aware of hidden costs like charges for extra subscribers or premium features.
  6. Deliverability: High deliverability ensures your emails reach the inbox. Research the tool’s reputation for email deliverability and spam prevention.
  7. Templates and Customization: Look for a tool with a wide range of professionally designed templates and the ability to customize them to match your brand.
  8. Automation and Workflows: Automation streamlines your campaigns. Opt for a tool that allows you to create personalized drip campaigns, trigger-based emails, and dynamic content.
  9. Segmentation and Targeting: Effective targeting enhances engagement. Choose a tool that enables you to segment your audience based on demographics, behavior, and interactions.
  10. Integrations: Check if the tool integrates with your existing CRM, e-commerce, and other tools you use. Seamless integration enhances efficiency.
  11. Customer Support: Good customer support is crucial. Look for options like live chat, email support, and a knowledge base to help you troubleshoot issues.
  12. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that the tool’s templates and emails are optimized for mobile devices, as a significant portion of users access emails on smartphones.
  13. Analytics and Reporting: Robust analytics help measure the success of your campaigns. Look for tools that provide insights into open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.
  14. Trial Period: Opt for tools that offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Test the platform’s features and user experience before committing.
  15. Reviews and Recommendations: Research online reviews, ask for recommendations from peers or industry groups, and seek advice from those who have experience with the tool.
  16. Data Security and Privacy: Ensure the tool complies with data protection regulations and has robust security measures in place to safeguard your subscribers’ information.
  17. Future Updates and Innovation: Consider the tool’s track record for innovation and improvements. Tools that regularly update their features to keep up with industry trends can offer more long-term value.

Remember that the “best” email marketing tool depends on your specific needs and goals. Take your time to evaluate options, compare features, and choose the tool that aligns most closely with your objectives and resources.


What is the best and most free software for email marketing?

  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Benchmark
  • Sender

What is an email marketing tool?

An email marketing tool is a digital platform that enables businesses to create, send, and manage email campaigns to engage with their audience, promote products or services, and build customer relationships.

What are the 3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion?

  • Kartra
  • ClickFunnels
  • Systeme.io



In this post, we have clearly explained different Email Marketing tools and the 3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion. This is the complete guide to choosing the best free Email Marketing platform for your business. We presented well-researched data that will help you to take the best decision-making. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get notified of our latest post.


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